Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finishes and Progress

The plan was to post this Monday, but things happen. Plus I was enjoying the Bloggers Quilt Festival any time I could get online.

Finishes first: I got the Hardanger piece finished and just need to make it into the pillow it wants to become.

I also got Time For God completed. For such an easy one, this seemed to take forever. It became my work and club piece and I had to do more reverse stitching on this than I think I have ever done.

Progess: I got the last 9 rows together on Saturday. Of course, these were the rows in the middle of the quilt and were huge. I had hoped to start joining the rows on Sunday, but decided to watch the Nascar Hall of Fame Ceremony instead. Hopefully the 3 day weekend coming up will see most, if not all, the rows joined.

For my girls that are going on a stitch retreat this weekend, have fun and wish I was going with you. Bring back cards for all the shops you stop at so I can go on a virtual tour when you get back.


  1. good luck getting the rows together-the quilt is looking excellent.
    Your 2 stitchery's are lovely.

  2. You have certainly been productive. I love the Hardanger piece - I haven't done any of that kind of work for a while and I forgot how pretty it is - I have the same diverse hobbies - quilts, cross stitch, knitting and all things crafty - Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.