Monday, May 17, 2010

Design Wall Monday 5/17

This is a little over half of this quilt laid out, 16 of 29 rows. I realized that I didn't need to lay out the whole thing and that helped with the space issue. The first 13 rows can be made twice and be the bottom portion. I got 20 rows made this weekend, so only 9 more to go and I can start joining the rows.
Now I am off to catch up on blog reading since I had no internet this weekend. Google says I only have 180 post to read.


  1. I really like the looks of that.

  2. WoW! that is's a ton of work, eh?

  3. I have posted several blooming nine patches in the last week or so. Yours is a nice one!

  4. Love this quilt and the way it really does bloom in various directions. Nice work. Thanks for the comment on my blog. That is how I found your little corner of the world.

    Happy Sewing,

    Fig Tree & Co.