Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stitch Group #1 Christmas party

We had our Christmas party yesterday and had way too much fun. With this group, we draw names and give that person a handmade gift. Most of the time it is cross stitch, but it can be something that was bought as long as it is handmade. We then give gifts to everybody in the group and we also have someone do table decorations.

We met at 2 pm to go eat at O'Charley's and then went back to the hostess' house to stitch till the 5th member could make it.

I had the table decorations this year and made quilted pillows.

We passed out the group gifts and each person took their turn opening their stack. This is some of what I gave. The fobs are all the same on the front and then personallized with their initials on the back.

This is what I received from everybody.

We also give Sharon, the hostess, a gift every year. She has us in her home every other Thursday and always has some type of snack, mostly homemade desserts. She had mentioned earlier in the year that she wished she had a quilt to hang on a quilt rack that she has in her living room. I spoke to the group and we decided for me to make a quilt and the other girls would split the cost with me. This is my 4th quilt and the 1st one I have given away.

This is Angela's gift from Sharon, her mom.

This is Jessica's gift from Angela.

This is Nancy's from Jessica. The framer didn't get it finished in time, so it is just a printed picture right now.

This is Sharon's gift from me.

This is my gift from Nancy.

Like I said, we had way too much fun and finally left to go home a little after 9 pm. I will post better pictures of the large gifts in another post. Hope everyone is almost ready for Christmas.

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