Monday, August 23, 2010

Design Wall Monday 8/23/10

I have Fall Frolic laid out on the floor today ready to start sewing the rows together. The picture is sideways, but it shows it better that way.

I also have a request. I picked up these fabrics, but have no idea what to do with them. They are outside my norm, and I just don't know. The line is Belle Fleur by Avlyn. The 5 pieces on the left are yard cuts, the 4 on the right are half yards. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Head over to Judy's and see what everyone is working on.


  1. Try out one of your favorite pattern ideas (maybe the one you posted above) and see how it looks. Just swap out these fabrics with fabrics of similar value from the ones you normally use

  2. I wish I could help. I have similar issues. I love to buy fabric, but don't always have a plan for it.

  3. LOVE your fall frolic. I was in a strip swap this past September and have been debating how to use them. I really like the traditional look of this. :)