Friday, March 19, 2010

National Quilting Day

Several good things have happened this week.

I was finally able to pick my quilt up from the quilter (that not having a car gets in the way of so many things). This is the first quilt that I have had custom quilted, and I love it. I will be working on the binding tomorrow and hope to get it completed. This is the second quilt I made. I started it around 15 years ago and packed it up after getting all the blocks pieced. I did not quilt or sew till last April and finished the top on April 25.

We put a rose in the center of each block and then she did the rest of the quilting by hand. We had discussed the wavy cross hatch, the sashing, and the cornerstones when I took the quilt in. We didn't discuss the small pieced border, and I LOVE what she did by bringing the leaves from the sashing out for the border. I will try to get better pictures tomorrow. You can see the pictures she took here-

The second good thing that happened this week...I got my car back. It had been in the shop for almost 4 weeks and it was killing me. The radiator, head gasket, timing chain, and oil pump were replaced. She sounds better than she has in years.

Hope everyone is able to enjoy National Quilting Day tomorrow. Can't wait to see what everybody works on.

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